Do you want to invest in the future of the car rental market in Romania?

DriveSync is your partner.

Our goal is to provide a cheaper and better alternative to car rental and to offer car owners opportunities for additional income.

We are looking for investment partners to help us:

  • Secure an insurance fund
  • Expand our operations
  • Invest in market research
  • Improve our platform
  • Develop new features

Why DriveSync?

Rapidly Growing Market

The car-sharing market in Romania is rapidly expanding. DriveSync is at the forefront to capture a significant market share.

Scalable and Predictable Revenue

DriveSync has a transparent and advantageous commission model. As our user base grows, so does the potential for revenue.

Innovative, User-Friendly Platform

We have invested in developing a secure and intuitive platform, optimized for the Romanian market. This translates into a pleasant experience, encouraging rapid user adoption.

Expertise Required for Success

The DriveSync team has a mix of technology, marketing, and operations skills. We are determined to make DriveSync the leader in car-sharing in Romania.

Creating Real Change

DriveSync is not just a business, but also a catalyst for more accessible and sustainable mobility. We contribute to reducing traffic congestion and support local tourism.


If you are interested in investing in DriveSync, please contact us by completing the form below: